Where Are My Tickets?

Having trouble in searching for your ticket after the purchase? No worries, here's some tips to help you out!


Check your email for the e-ticket(s).

The e-ticket(s) will be sent to your email in PDF format once the payment is complete. You either print out the e-ticket(s) for safekeeping purpose or show your e-ticket(s) to the organizer during the race kit collection or at the event itself.


Find your ticket(s) by logging in to your Jomfitness membership account.

Just login to your membership account at the Jomfitness login page in order to access your e-ticket(s) QR code as well as to find out more information on the particular event that you've registered for. Note: Users are required to sign up before login.


Log in to jomfitness.com

You may also browse for your e-ticket(s) from our official website www.jomfitness.com. All you have to do is to register with your email address. After login, just click on the "My Ticket" tab to view on your e-ticket(s) OR print out a copy for your own reference.

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