General Sales Condition


Jomfitness is a platform opened

For EVENT ORGANIZERS to sell/promote event tickets. With this, the event organizers shall hold the full responsibility for any matter related to the event.


Any raised issues or complaints

Will be referred directly to the event organizer.


Ticket(s) sold are NOT REFUNDABLE

Shall the participants fail to show up during the event.



likewise, are not transferable, exchange and/or cancellation once the purchase is made. Ticket buyers are responsible for their own purchase ticket(s).



will not be responsible for any poor internet connection during the payment process. Full payment will be refunded to the buyer in the event when the credit card has been charged but seats are not secured.


For ticket(s) redemption,

buyers will have to show their NRIC/Passport/e-ticket(s) at the counter. Third party collection is NOT allowed unless there is a show of an Authorisation Letter and E-Ticket, together with the Ticket Buyer's photocopy NRIC/passport at the counter. Else, Jomfitness will reserve the right to not release the ticket(s).

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